FASHION: Dress for the Man You Want to Murder!!

Whether you plan to infiltrate the white house as a sexy new intern or maybe you just love your man so much, you'd kill to get him back...  Perhaps you're like me and into some Ms. 45 type shit.  Murder fashion IS the look that says, "Hey, you're awful dolled up, is someone about to be murdered??"

Its important to figure out what types of murder go with your look.  With my long dress shown here,  mobility could be an issue.  Poison and Arson are sneakier choices, while suffocation could add a little drama, but don't forget to inebriate your victim first.  Stabbing goes with any look, but the clean up is a bitch, cool trash... recommends you style your apartment in blood splatter so no one can tell the difference post murder.

My own personal look is inspired by two of my favorite cinematic murderesses... Julia Cotton in "Hellraiser" seduces men for murder with bold eye shadows and gaudy star earrings.  Elaine in "The Love Witch" works 1970's psychedelic glamour to perfection.  Always a red lip.  Thank you Ladies.


It is important to note, we at cool trash... do not condone the act of murder, or any creepy behaviors... just the fashion that makes you look good and feel great.

Here's some music to listen to when you are putting together your next Dress For the Man you want to Murder Outfit!!!

"Love Like Anthrax" by Gang of Four