HEALTH: Yoni Eggs

Are you tired of being judged on the strength and dexterity of your vagina?  Is it hard to find enough hours in the day to focus on exercising the muscles in your reproductive core?  Cool Trash... is now introducing a line of Yoni Eggs to luxuriate and rejuvenate your lady bits, one gem at a time. 

Each egg is foraged on the ocean floor by a female performance artist and then harvested in our headquarters for up to a year.  When they reach full potency they are distributed and implanted.  You sparkle on the outside, why not sparkle on the inside too!!

Cool Trash... Yoni Eggs come in five different weights depending on how haggard your Vagina is. You can start off with a Beginner Egg, and work your way up through our Cool Trash... Yoni Egg system.  Each Egg comes with a surprise inside, customized to the advancement of your treatment.  Collect them ALL!  Impress your Friends (and lovers)

  1. Beginner- Copy of the US Constitution
  2. Intermediate- Ceramic Wolf
  3. Advanced- AA Battery and Pennies
  4. High Priestess- More Gems
  5. Goddess- Crystals

Supplies are limited and Cool Trash... no longer recommends sharing Yoni Eggs with your friends. 

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