About 6 months ago, one of my cool trash… field reporters dmed me an impressive hashtag # that got me thinking; Can I be as sexy, sensual, and relaxed looking as these women and babies in bath milk?

I am convinced a #milkbath has no real heath or beauty enhancing secrets, but I have done no real research on the matter, nor will I ever.  But I CAN tell you about my experience with #milkbath and perhaps then you can decide if #milkbathphotography is right for you!

As a modern day working woman recovering alcoholic plagued with crippling anxiety trying to balance a full time job and an art career that is the only thing that keeps me clinging on to this lie called life… sometimes I get a little stressed out.  My latest relaxation exploration has been the Hitachi personal massager and I have been pleased with the results… (more on that later).  The only issue, if you hadn’t guessed, I have a bit of an addictive personality, and my sweet Hitach is not the most pleasant thing to overuse.  I needed a break, BIGTIME, so I decided to cool down my wolf’s canyon with a soothing hot #milkbath.

I originally promised myself no video on cool trash… but rules are meant to be broken, especially if they’re mine, because I’m mostly wrong some of the time.

So here is a compelling documentary I made of my experience with #milkbath #milkbathphotogrpahy and a recipe for a #milkbath that will fill the tub!!

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For the record, #milkbath was just as gross as "salsa", both causing me to gag in moments not caught on film.  I will never do this again, But I will take YOUR #milkbath photo with my #milkbathphography setup, costume and makeup included in package $99.99